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We specializes in POA, Principles of Accounting Tuition for A Level (H2-9755), FIA (Foundation in Accountancy), Academic tutoring for colleges and universities for Financial Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting and Training on Do Your Own Company Accounts, Secretarial & Tax.

Tutor / Trainer: Kam Suet Cheng (Sue)

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Free Resources: A Level POA 2102 H2 Paper 9755 Question and Suggested answer

 O Level POA 2013 Paper 7092 Suggested answer and Video Tutorial

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  1. You are welcome to post your accounting questions here.

  2. It seems to me that all you need is an account of money cmoing in and money going out and I assume no one in the group has any accounting experience. The simplest method is to open a book (A4 size should do), on the left hand page have columns for date, details, amount, and total. On this side record all money cmoing into the account. On the right hand page have the same columns but record all money going out. At the end of each month deduct the outgoing funds from the incoming and that will give you a total to carry forward to the income side of the next months page. Always use a new page to start a new month.

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